Meet Cal or Ancalagon the Black

Cal is Roberta’s newest snake named after the dragon Ancalagon.

From JR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion
Only a little camera shy, it only took 20 shots to get one.
Roberta’s Newest friend!

The Mexican black kingsnake (Lampropeltis mexicana) is a species of non-venomous kingsnake found in Mexico and the southwestern United States. It is a relatively small snake, growing to an average length of 2-3 feet, but some individuals can reach lengths of up to 5 feet. Mexican black kingsnakes are black with white or yellow markings on their belly. They are often mistaken for the venomous black mamba, but there are several key differences between the two snakes. Mexican black kingsnakes have a single row of scales down their back, while black mambas have two rows. Mexican black kingsnakes also have a white or yellow belly, while black mambas have a black belly.

Mexican black kingsnakes are not aggressive snakes and are typically docile in captivity. They are relatively easy to care for and make good pets for experienced snake keepers.

Some additional facts about Mexican black kingsnakes:

They are excellent climbers and swimmers.
They are known to constrict their prey, but they are not venomous.
They are relatively long-lived snakes, with some individuals living for over 20 years in captivity.
They are popular pets among snake enthusiasts because of their docile nature and striking appearance.


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