It was the hard knocks life

Lexie is a strange cat. Let it be known beyond a doubt the cat is strange.

To start with I have to be honest and admit that this is my cat. That in itself makes her strange because I never wanted a cat! I would not have one today if the cat had not adopted me as its owner. We went from one cat I despised to four in less than one month.

August 2017 my wife asked if she could have a kitten from a litter of kittens my son had at his home. A kitten not two not three one small black teddy bear kitten. I (god help me) said yes. A small celebration of the event took place as a dinner at a local restaurant.

Coming out of the restaurant and getting into our car we spot this little kitten in the parking lot. My daughter Kristi pops out and picks up this dirty smelly scruffy kitten and brings it back to the car for our inspection. I being a less than noble person took one look at the mess and said,”it’s a cat!” in the most sarcastic voice I could manage. For some reason I will never know the cat decided on the spot I should be hers. To prove the point the cat jumps out of Kristi’s arms and into the car where she wraps her dirty little self around the back of my neck and says, “Home James” to my wifes delight.

August 2017 after its first bath

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