Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Little Christmas Tree

I Just updated to WordPress 5.0.  Very nice so far. Still getting used to the new editor, but that is to be expected. The update went smooth thanks to the new install from last week. 

3D printing, is part of my job and a hobby. Right now I am running a rebuilt Robo 1 plus. Bought the first one for 700.00 dollars at Best Buy sold it a few weeks later to the company Home Guard where I work, been using it there for design parts and sales display parts. Bought another this year for 150.00 dollars and rebuilt it with a new belt and new wire connector for the heat bead and it has been running very well ever since. Knock on wood.

Down loaded a file from thingiverse.com Evergreen Tree Christmas Ornament on Card by w3ace. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1209775  Printed using Solutech Green PLA, and settings of Nozzle temp 220 deg C, Bed Temp 60 degree C, layer thickness .2mm and hair spray as plate adhesive.

The Print

Assembly with out glue (for now)

The parts cleaned and ready to assemble.
The Trunk
First Layer Branches
TA DA the Tree Complete

My photo quality is very poor here as I used a fire tablet to take the photos. it was very convenient but the results are less than I expected another strike for the amazon tablet.  I should do a review here of the tablets I have used. Food for thought.

Merry Christmas all and to all a good night!

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