Just out in the neighborhood shooting the flora. Our maple tree is awaking forming the first leaves. Sad part is that I still have leaves from last year to pick […]


I find it sad that people and their stupid unfounded fears have ruined Halloween for so many. Do you know that not one case of poisoned Halloween candy has ever […]

Hi Roni

  Hi Roni  thanks for checking in on the web sight.  Thought I should get something new in here so you would not be disappointed. I just did this sketch […]


Zentangle is a  method or way of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.  So what I do  I don’t conceder Zentangle, because I don’t strictly fallow the Zentangle method and […]

Fred Harroff 1939 - 2012

Good By Fred Yesterday I lost my friend and substitute father Fred Harroff. Fred was a kind and warm man. He loved competition esp mental, Chess, Poker, about any kind […]